How Life Purpose Evolved Inspired & Changed My Life!

Our life purpose can be seen as a nautilus shell. It’s like the outer layers of a building. As we work through life, our purpose gets uncovered and new rooms can be revealed. Sometimes these rooms bring great delight and excitement, other times dread and confusion. But no matter how frequently our life purpose gets uncovered, it always has something new to offer.

Life purpose have outermost layer

Our life purpose can be seen as a nautilus shell as well. It is the outermost layer that is uncovered in each new chapter of our existence. As our life purpose emerges, it’s important to work through our choices to find the creative energy that can grow through us. But sometimes this can also prompt emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical transitions and often a chaotic series of reactions as we begin to ask new personal questions. Just like a stormy ocean, all things available can be seen as either positive, or negative, but most often the positive ones tie up very easily.

Human nature of conflict

This is what is known as the human nature of conflict. Because conflict is such a natural part of human nature, it’s not surprising that so many of us have turned into fighter pilots, business tycoons, and hard-headed negotiators, as we’ve been conditioned from birth try to achieve some kind of perfection. This has also made it very easy to get caught up in what’s wrong or right with the world, as it relates to our physical being. It’s so easy to focus on the negative aspects of human nature when the only real answers lie in the positive!

What dives our physical and mental makeup

But now we are seeing more evidence of the positive qualities of this nautilus flower. It appears that Richard Leider’s notion that what you are today is what you will be tomorrow has found a scientific voice. Science is finding that the way we think and reason is what drives our physical and mental makeup. According to recent findings, we are indeed born “psychologically dead,” but we can be “metaphysically alive.”

Difference between our life purpose and how we actually live

This is because there is a big difference between what we perceive our life purpose to be and how we actually live it. To live meaningfully means having what you truly want and need less while having what you desire most. Living meaningfully means choosing your beliefs about what you are here to become and becoming what you desire most, even in the face of opposition or ridicule from others. Richard Leider’s concept of how life purpose evolved is starting to make more sense to me!

The opportunities God has given me

I am now more grateful than ever for the opportunities God has given me to grow as a person and help others become a great deal better human being – mentally and physically. It is because of this fact that I have become aware of how my life purpose has been evolving as well. My life purpose was always “becoming greater,” but I was having a hard time becoming anything because of what I was passionate about at the time – my own spiritual growth. It became increasingly difficult to let go of my personal beliefs about what was important to me and to take action on what I wanted instead of following the desires of others – because I felt like I had to follow them to get where I wanted to go. As a result, I was living a life of hardship and pain!

Clarity and balance to my life

Leiter’s new definition of life’s purpose brings a lot of clarity and balance to my life. Now, instead of thinking that what I do or want is my purpose in life, I understand that what I do or want is my life’s purpose. The changes that have occurred in me are amazing – because they have helped me to let go of the beliefs that were holding me back, making me feel unhappy or useless!


I am now able to look at my life and what I am doing now because of what I learned from reading the How Life Purpose Evolves book. I can say with complete honesty that my purpose in life has completely and totally transformed. I no longer worry about what will happen to me next week or next month because I know that all of these things are dependent on my decisions and actions today. It is this awareness of the power of your beliefs that are the most powerful lesson I have ever learned, and it has absolutely changed my life!

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